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Epoxy Floors Brisbane

Epoxy floors are a brilliant choice of flooring for high traffic areas, or any area that you want to have an easily maintainable area. Epoxy flooring is easy to clean and looks fantastic if the job is completed to a high standard by a professional. Whilst most commonly used in the industrial sector, it is starting to become more popular in commercial spaces and in some cases even residential homes. Brisbane Painting are experienced in working with Epoxy flooring and are keen to share our knowledge and skills with our clients.


The Process

Epoxy coatings are typically applied over a concrete foundation as a cost effective and durable flooring solution. Whether you are building a new property or want to have epoxy flooring instead of your current flooring, the experts at Brisbane Painting would be more than happy to assist. First the flooring will need to be adequately prepared to make sure that the best foundation is provided, giving your floors the best start for a long-lasting durable flooring solution. Then painting and the epoxy coating are applied, which can be customized ad we discuss further on.


Resurfacing The Floor

Although epoxy flooring is exceptionally durable, it is regrettably not invincible. This means that at some stage, many years after its installation you may require some resurfacing works. During resurfacing works, we remove any damaged layers to get back to a flat surface. From here we can either paint again, or simply just apply a new coat of epoxy coating. It is important that the floor is clean and clear of any debris that may show up in your flooring if it is not correctly prepared. Having a professional complete your works is one way to make sure you have the best repair and resurfacing works possible.


Durability Of The Floor

The use of epoxy flooring has been the most popular choice industrial businesses for a number of years due to its durability and ability to handle heavy loads and dropped objects. Commercial buildings are starting to use epoxy flooring much more frequently after understanding how incredibly delicate carpet and timber flooring can be. Dropping any kind of liquid on carpet can almost guarantee its need for replacement, but with epoxy flooring all it would need is a good mop and it would be hard to tell there was ever a spill. This is a reason that epoxy floorings are also starting to become popular in residential buildings, especially kitchens.


Customisation Of Colour

One of the best qualities of epoxy flooring is that you can create a range of styles, colours and finishes to customize your space. Brisbane painters are able to create pathways, different colour combinations as well as establish separate sections within your property through just the flooring, so that your need for them doesn’t take up any additional space. Metallic, marble and decorative epoxy flooring can give a high-quality feel to any space whilst also retaining its benefits of durable qualities. We have a gallery of pictures we can show to help you select the right option for you.

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