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Driveway Painting Brisbane Painting Pros

Driveways are the first thing people generally step onto when walking to your home or business and should be leaving a good impression of a well-maintained space.

Brisbane Painting understand that driveways are constantly exposed to the elements and the harsh Australian sun, and by using the wrong products to paint your concrete can lead to maintenance being needed more frequently than if a superior product is used by experts in painting.

Paint Colours

Having a coloured driveway can help to make your properties driveway stand out from its neighbours and give it a sense of personality. There are a range of different colours available on the market, which make it easy to match the colour of your driveway with the exterior of your building. If you are looking to add colour to your driveway but aren’t sure what colour would be best suited, our team of professionals are happy to assist. We can give you advice based on our previous experience in colours that last, and those that don’t as well as the ones that seem to fade into a more appealing colour than others.

Paint Protection

When you have your driveway painted, you are going to want to make sure that you have some protective element included so that it can be reinforced to withstand the direct sunlight and other elements. We always recommend that a sealer is used when a driveway is painted, due to the naturally porous qualities of concrete. The use of a sealer will help to protect your concrete from absorbing any oils or stains that fall onto your concrete to help keep it looking fresher for longer. Without the use of a sealer your driveway will still look fantastic after its fresh paint, however it is certain to absorb any liquids that it comes into contact with and fade much quicker than if you were to take our recommendation to use a sealer.

The Painting Process

The first step Brisbane Painting take when getting engaged for a driveway painting job, is to drive past and check out the current state of the driveway. It could be that it requires sanding back or some patch works to get the driveway up to standard to make the most of your new paint job. Once these works have been completed and the paint applied, we require time for this to dry before a sealant is applied. This will also require curing time, which can vary due to the time of year and heat on the day. Our team will be sure to advise you of when you will be able to use your driveway again.

Painting Maintenance

Driveways are low maintenance elements of any property, but still do require some maintenance. We recommend that a coat of sealant is applied at least once annually, and driveway painting would be dependent on how exposed your driveway is.

Our team will be able to provide you with professional advice on how to keep your driveway well maintained and presentable.

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