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Commercial Painting Brisbane Services

We provide a commercial painting service that meets your business needs, whether your business is an office, a hotel or a retail space. We have built a solid reputation in the commercial space with our clients due to our quick response times and taking the time to listen to and understand our clients needs. Here we explain a few ways that we assist our commercial clients to make sure their business looks its best for both its clients and employees.

Interior Painting

Having your interior painted can give your space a fresh and vibrant feel and also make it look like a higher quality business operation. Sometimes the paint in commercial spaces can become dirty or damaged quite quickly due to the high levels of traffic that are passing through and the constant occupation. Having a fresh coat of paint every year or two can keep your property looking its best to reflect the services that you are providing to the people of Brisbane. We have also seen that it can increase your client base by having a tidy and well-presented space as it is appealing to others and reflects a professional service provided.

Facade Painting

The exterior of your building is always the first thing that a client will see when approaching your business either for the first time or the fiftieth time. You want to make sure that you are giving a good impression and that your business does not look run down from the outside, as it can be a deterrent for new clients. A crisp clean coat of paint can set you apart from your competitors from the first glimpse of your commercial property and help promote growth of your business. We can provide a range of painting services to help your exterior indicate the quality of your business.

Floor Painting

Whether you have timber floors, concrete floors or epoxy floors, Painters Brisbane can help you to revive your flooring and give it its shine back. Heavy traffic in commercial spaces can lead your floors to become worn out but having them painted is a much better alternative than having to replace carpet. We can do a timber stain and seal to get your timber floors even as well as repairs and sealing on both your concrete and epoxy flooring. All of these options are strong and durable flooring materials but require maintenance periodically to make sure they are looking their best and impressing your clients.

Driveway Painting

Driveways, much like your exterior are the first part of your business that a client will see. You do not want them to have the impression of a poorly maintained driveway as it can reflect badly on your business. As a driveway has constant exposure to the sun and other elements, it can fade leaving your driveway patchy and unappealing. This can be fixed by our driveway painting service, which has been a favourite of our commercial clients and gives a fresh look for their business.

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