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Brisbane Painting are a team of professionals based in Brisbane, Australia. As a business we have been setting goals to continue to progress our painting company and the services we provide to our clients. When we were first starting out, our primary focus was on making sure that precision was put into each of our tasks and that all had the highest possible quality finishes. When we perfected this, we moved our focus over to ensuring our clients satisfaction and getting referrals through our previous clients to new ones. This has also been successful and has seen our company grow rapidly over recent times, however, will not be a focus that is ever lost. We would not have been able to see this rate of growth if it hadn’t been for our points of difference, being our communications with each of our clients and dedication to the task at hand. Our current focus is on refining our customer relations and expanding our services where we find our clients have a need.

We genuinely enjoy our work, and this sines through in our playful yet focused approach to each project we are assigned. At Brisbane Painting, you won’t find a group of uptight robots painting like machines, but a friendly and social team who work together to achieve the best outcome for our clients. We have the mindset that we can learn from each of our jobs and each of our clients, which is why we greatly value your feedback.

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