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Brisbane House Painting Experts

A fresh lick of paint can transform an old, run down, decrepit looking space into a fresh and inviting space where people want to spend their time. Having a painting team professional complete your painting tasks can make a huge difference in the finish and quality of the painting.We are professional and a busy painting company here in Brisbane. We would love to work with you and have you as one of our happy customers.

Brisbane Painting are a group of local qualified trades people who have built a strong reputation as high quality painters with detailed finishes. We thoroughly enjoy our work which is why we complete it to a high standard each and every time. Having worked in the local area for many years, we have a great understanding of the current trends and best products available to suit your every need.WE take care in our set up before we start work and we take care in our pack up when we have completed the painting work. We are confident that we can do the painting work that you require.

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Residential Painting

When looking for residential painters in Brisbane, you want to make sure that you are finding yourself a professional, as it can be a big and costly job to have done twice if the first contractor is not up to scratch.

The most important part of any painting job - Is the preparation. We have all the skills and experience needed to give you the confidence to know that you are in the safest hands in Brisbane for your painting works.

Commercial Painting

Whether our commercial clients require exterior or interior painting, they know that they can come directly to us.

We provide both one off services as well as ongoing maintenance contract for our clients due to the strong relationships we build. When you are looking for experienced commercial painters in Brisbane, make sure you come to the experts that you know and trust.

Exterior Painting

We can paint the outside of your home.

Whether it is just the trims around your windows and eaves.

Or do you require your entire house painted or repainted?

We can also paint your fences including wooden or brick and rendered.

Why not tie it all in with getting your roof painted at the same time?

Your home will look Fresh and modern.

Roof Painting

Roofing is the highest point of any structure and being closest to the sun it can often become faded and lifeless if it is not kept well maintained.

As a roof is often out of sight and out of mind, you may not notice for a while, but when you do it is hard to ignore.

We do exterior house painting, so why not tie both services in together to keep your home looking its best from head to toe!

Driveway Painting

Driveways are prone to fading due to their constant exposure to elements. '

Most driveways are made from concrete, which is a naturally porous material and require the use of a concrete sealer to protect it from absorbing everything it comes into contact with.

This is a great option to reduce the number of stains and keep your driveway looking fresher for longer. 

Epoxy Floors

Epoxy Floors look fantastic and it can be difficult to find the right painting team to get the job done right.

We can do epoxy floors for large and small projects.

We are experienced commercial painters, so doing large scale epoxy flooring projects us right down our alley

Call us today to discuss what sized project you have.

Our team of experts are well known for their work as exterior painters, interior painters, commercial painters.

One of our most requested services is for interior house painters.

We are well known for the extra detail that we put in, creating spaces that people are proud to live in.

We provide a range of services for each of our residential, commercial clients, on both their internal and external services.

Providing the range of services we do mean that you don’t have to find different contractors to complete each of your tasks.

We specialise in paint and the building surfaces it is applied to.

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